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Guiding Principles

The success and sustainability of GHIA-Foundation will be guided by the following principles:

  1. Country leadership and ownership: GHIA-Foundation, working collaboratively with national governments and relevant stakeholders, will reinforce countries’ capacity to design, lead, own, and account for their own policies and programs.
  2. Partnerships: Cognizant of the fact that no single organization has all the necessary resources to impact health outcomes, GHIA-Foundation will build partnerships with public and private sector organizations in similar field and interest to support national Governments.
  3. Accountability: Periodic progress reports to our funders and from the countries we support are critical to accountability. Applying an agreed framework, GHIA-Foundation will monitor all funds received and disbursed against results achieved within a specified timeframe.
  4. Sustainability: Operating in an era of Sustainable Development, GHIA-Foundation will promote and scale-up sustainable models that take advantage of country-level resources, platforms, and partnerships.
  5. Evidence-based Approaches: GHIA-Foundation will support countries to identify, implement, scale-up and document evidence-based approaches, including innovative technologies for improved women’s health taking cognizance of the status of the national health systems.
  6. Health systems strengthening: Central to GHIA-Foundation’s partnerships with countries is local capacity strengthening at all levels of service delivery and for each component of women’s health to enhance sustainable development.