GHIA-Foundation will support selected developing countries to deliver quality essential health package including cervical and breast cancer screening and treatment, within a strengthened health system using the maternal health platform as an entry point.

In countries where we work, we will support national governments to:

  1. Raise public awareness and increase visibility of women’s health;
  2. Build midwifery capacity to reduce deaths from maternal conditions by 5% annually;
  3. Reduce deaths from cervical cancer by promoting prevention, early detection, screening and treatment;
  4. Increase capacity of health workers and empower them to screen for and treat cervical pre-cancer through training and equipment;
  5. Increase capacity of health workers for clinical breast examination and empower them to promptly refer women with abnormalities;
  6. Promote public-private partnerships between national governments and in-country stakeholders to strengthen health systems in support of women’s health;
  7. Increase adoption of innovative strategies and technologies including for maternal health, family planning, breast and cervical cancer for improved women’s health.